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Post by Blister on Thu Aug 27, 2015 10:23 pm

Please make sure you are able to Administrate our servers before you apply, This
means you can and will be online in our servers for an average of 6 hours a day.
Also keep in mind once you have become an admin you will follow the rules below,
since we will keep track of you and all your actions even after months.

Before applying make sure you meet following requirements:
1. You have to be extremely patient. Aswell as a nice and professional person.
2. You have to be online in our servers for at-least 6 hours a day. 
3. You need to know and follow all our rules.
4. You are playing in our server for a minimum of 1 month.
5. You can read, write and understand fluent English.
6. You need to be a skilled player. [So you won't be kicking players because you "think" they hack.]

If you think you are able and ready for the job please create a NEW topic on this forum and apply. [Please put your Gameranger name in the Titel.]

1. Your age.:
2. Your name.:
3. Where are you from?:
4. A short introduction of yourself.:
5. Your In-game name:
6. Your GameRanger ID:
7. How much time you spend in our servers daily.:
8. Why do you want to be an admin?:

Please Note: Reviewing your application might take a while.


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