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Post by Blister on Thu Aug 27, 2015 9:45 pm

Please read the rules below before posting your application.

1. You have to be active on our servers,
2. You have to be a skilled player,
3. You have good admin skills,
4. You own at-least  a few months off experience on Gameranger,
5. You have to speak Intermediate English Minimum.

If you think you are ready please create a New topic on this forum and apply.
[Please put your Gameranger name in the Titel.]

1. Your age:
2. Your name:
3. Your In-game name:
4. Your Game Ranger ID:
5. Do you know how to record demos and make spontaneous screenshots? :
6. Are you used to playing clan wars and do you know the rules?
7. Why do you want to join Knight of Sorrow:

Please Note: Reviewing your application might take a while.


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